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On The Festival Trail - Dixieland Monterey’s 30th Anniversary - Don Jones - April, 2010

Midiris Knock 'Em Dead at Pismo - Greg Crosby - Oct. 30, 2009

Tri-State Jazz Society concert ~ 10.26.03 ~ Orange County Classic Jazz Festival 8.7-10.03

Midiri Dixieland Band thrills a huge Chestnut Hill crowd ~ July 24, 2003

Midiri Brothers Sexet at The Orange County Classic Jazz Festival, CA ~ August, 2003

Tri State 10.27.02 concert review by George Hunt

Midiri Brothers Sextet 2001 concert for the Tri-State Jazz Society

No rain on Midiri Band’s parade

Midiri Bros shine on Sea Isle promenade

No shortage of power at jazz fest

Midiri Brothers superb at Pastorius Park

Memorable concert by Midiri Brothers at Pastorius

Twins team up to make Showboat swing

Music may be old, but it continues to fascinate audiences

Midiri Brothers . . . impressive


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