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Lee Prosser -

Posted online 12/28/00

Featured Artist: Midiri Brothers Orchestra

CD Title: Finger Bustin'

Year: 2000

Record Label: MIDIRI

Style: Big Band / Swing

Musicians: Joe Midiri, clarinet & leader. Paul Midiri, drums, Jim Lawlor, drums. Pat Mercuri, guitar. Bruce Kaminsky, bass. Joe Holt, piano. Various guest artists.

Review: If I were to buy a CD for only one standout performance, I would buy the one that had such a classic rendition of Cole Porter's "Night and Day" on it as is the performance found on FINGER BUSTIN', the new release from the Midiri Brothers Orchestra. In this instance, each performance is a standout, and there are 13 of them!

This is big band at its best, and most contemporary, and the vocals are excellent, too. In addition to the selection, "Night and Day," there is also "Clarinade," Sidney Bechet's "Petite Fleur," "Bye Bye Blackbird," "As Time Goes By," "Finger Bustin."

This release has polish and style about it, the solo work is flawless, and Joe Midiri on clarinet gives a perfect rendition of Cole Porter's classic, "Night and Day." Joe Holt is in top form on his piano solos! This is a nice collection.

If you like clarinet and big band, this is a well-crafted collection of music. FINGER BUSTIN' is contemporary big band and clarinet music at its finest!

Reviewed by: Lee Prosser


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