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A Swingin' Discovery | Greg Crosby | 2009-07-10 | Jewish World Review

Quoted from the American Rag, April issue. On The Festival Trail by Don Jones

For Cathie and me our final set before returning to our home office was at 9:30am Sunday morning to hear the fabulous Barnhart-Midiri Quartet. This group was first featured in February at the Central Illinois Jazz Festival and after Monterey will be featured in Mammoth Lakes and Pismo Beach, Calif., and will undoubtedly grow in demand and popularity at other festivals. On top of the combined musical performing talents of two Barnhart’s plus two Midiri’s, the brilliant Paul Midiri (plays vibes and is one minute older than Joe) did all the complex arrangements for the group playing piano, flute, clarinet/sax, drums/vibes. Listening to this foursome early on this particular Sunday morning was a pleasant alternative for about 150 fans who opted not to hear the popular gospel sets offered in three other venues.

Congratulations to Dixieland Monterey for giving us another unique and unforgettable Jazz Bash by the Bay.

Don Jones

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