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"Benny Goodman fans! You've got to hear this to believe it. Clarinetist Joe Midiri really does sound like the great Goodman."
- Marvin Randolph, Sun Sentinel

"The Midiri Brothers . . . are considered by many to be the best organized band doing swing era material."
- Bruce Gast, Director of Jazz at Bridgewater, jazz concert series

"Joe and Paul Midiri were nothing less than a phenomenon."
- Ed Wismer, Sentinel-Ledger commenting on their performance in conjunction with an Ocean City Pops concert

"...Paul. His amazing virtuosity brought to mind some of the great vibes players of our time."
- Brian D. Clifford, The Express-Time

"Joe Midiri's clarinet playing, in particular, was nothing short of magnificent. Not only did he command the full range of the instrument's voice, both in register and dynamics, but he blended mesmerizing brilliance with melting lyricism more smoothly and convincingly than I've heard in many a moon."
- Michael Caruso, Chestnut Hill Local

"Paul Midiri on drums brings back memories of Gene Krupa with his great brush work..."
- Marvin Randolph, Sun Sentinel

"As he wove his way through chord changes with an inventive and highly energized solo, Joe Midiri showed he can play clarinet with the best of them."
- Brian D. Clifford, The Express-Times

"I've been playing tracks from the album almost every week."
- Rich Conaty, WFUV 90.7 FM, NYC "Swing Time" radio program commenting on Finger Bustin', the Midiri Brothers Orchestra's latest independent release

"One of the most successful big bands on the East Coast..."
- Jack Lebo, Dancing U.S.A.

"...Joe played for us last year...and tore the house down. It was as though Benny Goodman had come back to life!"
- Jack Lebergen, Keynotes, Pennsylvania Jazz Society News

"...Paul provided the most dazzling drum work I've heard since Buddy Rich's heyday. Paul...also swings on trombone and vibes."
- Ed Wismer, Sentinel-Ledger

"Joe probably the spiritual descendent of Benny Goodman. Yes, he is that good."
- Ed Wismer, Sentinel-Ledger

"Joe, who has developed the fluid clarinet style and amazing technique of Benny Goodman, is one of the few musicians in the world today possessing this skill."
- Ed Metz, Sr., Leader of the Bob Crosby Orchestra and the Bob Cats

"Joe Midiri's clarinet playing was particularly impressive for the fleetness and accuracy of his fast passage work and the consistency of its smooth, creamy tone."
- Michael Caruso, Chestnut Hill Local

"As he wove his way through chord changes with an inventive and highly energized solo, Joe Midiri showed he can play clarinet with the best of them."
- Brian D. Clifford, The Express-Times

"...I must say one gets drawn in by the beauty of Joe Midiri's playing."
- Gloria L. Keawe, Big Band/Swing Programming DJ for, "The World's Largest Broadcasting Network"

"Once again, the Midiri Brothers showed their amazing skills..."
- Brian D. Clifford, The Express-Times

"Joe Midiri is fantastic..."

Small Group Jazz Ensembles

"an excellent small group"
Ron Bloom,

"conveys the irrepressible spirit of Goodman’s acclaimed trio and sextet without slavishly copying"
Jack Bowers, " . . . the band is so accomplished at its repertoire, and it plays with such enthusiasm . . ."
" . . . the band’s six member are masters in several different styles of music . . ."
"The Midiri brothers are backed by an impressive foursome of musicians.  Trumpeter Dan Tobias produced one of the loveliest tones I’ve ever heard from a trumpet even while he was playing fabulously fast and powerfully loud: and his soft playing was admirably sustained and focused.  Guitarist Pat Mercuri provided a full harmonic background as well as some well-chosen riffs, bassist Gary Cattley assured a sturdy underpinning and drummer Jim Lawlor propelled the band with rhythmic vitality."

Michael Caruso, Noteworthy, Chestnut Hill Local

" . . . tight solid beat of the rhythm section (bass, guitar, drums), reminiscent of Walter Page, Freddie Green, and Jo Jones of the early Basie band without the Count."
George Hunt, Tri-State Skylark Strutter, Tri-State Jazz Society

"Every musician is in topnotch form"
"Perfect in recreating/creating an atmosphere of the swing era in an honest, entertaining manner"
"Pat Mercuri gives the audience some fine guitar solo work as does Gary Cattley on bass and Jim Lawlor on drums.  Dan Tobias shines with his creative trumpet work.  Joe Midiri is perfect on clarinet.  Paul Midiri is one of the finest vibraphone performers around."

Lee Prosser,

- Bob Gibbs, KSDS Jazz 88 FM "Real Jazz Radio", San Diego, CA


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